Our story

Gymious was founded by four partners: Diogo, Henrique, Leonardo and Paulo. The fragmented information and little attention payed to these businesses, triggered the creation of this market.

After gyms reopening due to lockdown, we launched the first version of Gymious, counting with more than 100 gyms in Portugal.

The team

Diogo Ferreira

Co-founder & CEO

Leonardo Berteotti

Co-founder & COO

Paulo Sousa

Co-founder & CTO

Henrique Martins

Co-founder & CPO

Facilitates interaction between people and fitness spaces, promoting health and well-being

Gymious recognizes the value of the fitness spaces and wants to promote this diversified market. Working together with them to improve their online presence and reach the entire community.

By investing in digital technology, Gymious seeks to simplify the interaction between people and fitness spaces. It facilitates the process of searching and selecting a fitness space and offers exclusive services and benefits.